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Montreal City

A view along the McGill College Street.
The University is up and forward, near the mountain.

Great monument. We've noticed it just after our arrival,
and all this time we were going to make a picture of it. Now we've done it!

The same, but from other side and the light isn't good. I'll try later with another light.

Our favorite shopping place - Alexis Nihon Plaza.
We buy our food here every weekend. Once we met our Parisa here.

The same from another side

This picture was taken underground. Place Ville Mary if I don't mistake.

The same place, but closer to the train station. 
We've got rum&raisins and cappuchino ice-creams. At the station we've seen a large electronic table with trains' departure and arrival time. Almost the same like in Ufa, but instead of Moscow, Novosibirsk and Bishbulyak announcements there were New York, Toronto and Halifax.

Another underground city. It's near the University.